Welcome To Bready School:


Every Bready student needs a pair of runners to wear as inside shoes and to wear in the gym for phys ed classes!


SCC Toonie Wednesday Nov 5 

Bring a toonie and you can purchase a hotdog lunch.


Education week activities:

Oct 22 - Jump into math facts kickoff assembly
Oct 23 - Mug and Muffin.  Students and families welcome for autographs from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. (North Star introductions and success talk at 8:40am)
Oct 24 - parents, families, come to see our Wall of Success and for cake at 3:00

Tell Them from Me survey - All students in grades 4 to 7 will be given the opportunity and time to participate in a survey during regular school hours over the next few weeks. This survey allows students to give their feedback and share their voice on their school environment, experiences at school, and any school improvement programs. It will be completed electronically and will require approximately 35-40 minutes to complete. The student survey measures include such topics as emotional and social well-being, physical health, and behaviours and attitudes linked to student success.

Clothing orders are due October 29th. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRICE FOR THE YOGA PANTS ARE $61.00

Track pants are now offered in black and maroon. Please state your color on the order form.

Last day for orders will be October 29th.


2:15 Early Dismissal dates: Oct 29, Nov 26, Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 25, Apr 29, May 27, Jun 17

Upcoming Events

Oct 17: Gr. 7 PAA

Oct 20: No School - PD Day

Oct 21: No School - PD Day

Oct 28: Gr. 7 PAA

Oct 29: 2:15 Early Dismissal

Nov 4: Gr. 7 PAA

Nov 11: No School - Remembrance Day

Nov 12: Gr. 7 PAA

Nov 18: Rocks N Rings

Nov 19: Gr. 7 PAA

Nov 21: Report Cards

Nov 24: No School - PD Day

Nov 26: 2:15 Early Dismissal

Nov 26 & 27: Student LED Conferences PM

Nov 27: Gr. 7 PAA

Dec 4: Gr. 7 PAA

Dec 9 & 10: Gr. 5 Ski day's

Dec 11: Gr. 7 PAA

Dec 18: Gr. 7 PAA

Dec 22-Jan 2: No School - Christmas Break

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